REVIEW: Loveflowers “Golden Leaves”


Loveflowers ~ Americana – Golden Leaves

What’s always interesting about listening to Americana sifted through a foreign screen is that these artists come up with some ingenious sounding techniques when applied to American roots music.

With “Golden Leaves,” Leif Thorner’s vocals are melancholy about being left behind but with the contrast of a contemplative layered melody. “Frozen Tears,” & “Final Dance,” have the mysterious tinge of Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry & Lisa Gerrard in their own Americana tradition – though Perry’s voice has a deeper timbre & these songs are not as dark.


The 6-track, 26-minute EP Golden Leaves (Drops March 31–MiLe Music) has varied sounds that work for its diversification. Leif has vocal limitations, but he does put the material across with sincerity & sensitivity. A little tabla-oriented sitar suggesting melody comes with “Crossing Ocean,” & while it better suits World music the folksiness of the arrangement is engaging. The attraction of this tune is the added female accompanying vocal of Yvonne Greiffe that drifts around the lyric & adds color. Her vocal also compliments Mr. Thorner.’s vocal. This also sounds like music George Harrison would’ve liked to be involved with. 


The closest thing to authentic Americana comes on “Sea of Hope,” with its fascinating pedal steel guitar sound & folky duo singing faithful to vintage folk songs of the heartland. A nice tenderly etched melodic line runs through this & keeps the set interesting. 


A well-articulated tune that sounds like it came out of Texas – this Swedish effort is quite excellent with “Return My Heart.” Driven by a simple 1-2 beat the vocally warm accented melody with its slight effects is mesmerizing & skates along a progressive rock edge but never succumbs to pomposity. It works within the confines of roots rock maturely. Leif & Yvonne’s vocals together are what’s stellar. Wonderfully sung & atmospheric. I like this a lot. Impressive song.


Their first LP came in 2008 & this band also was invited to the “Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards” in Jefferson, Texas. The band traveled overseas & was awarded “Best Songwriters of the Year, 2014.” They returned in 2017 to Texas & received the “Texas Heritage Award.” They may as well start buying some horses & learn to make some barbecue they have a second home.


Musicians – Michael Greiffe (drums/percussion/backing vocals), Leif Thorner (lead vocals/guitar/slide guitar) & Yvonne Greiffe (lead vocals/percussion/backing vocals) with Mattis Johansson (upright bass) & Robert Ljungberg (pedal steel & lap steel guitars/mandolin).

Highlights – All 6 songs. Trio color image courtesy of the Love Flowers website. 6-member image by Ron Munden (Texas, USA). Image with vintage pick-up truck courtesy of Hemifran.

Music samples are on their website. CD @ +

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