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Song Premiere: Ags Connolly “Headed South For A While”

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Ags Connolly — “Headed South For A While” 

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Ags Connolly’s song “Headed South For A While” from his forthcoming fourth studio album Siempre, out June 16th. Siempre was produced by Ags Connolly, engineered and mixed by Stuart Jones at Woodworm Studios, Oxfordshire, England, and mastered by Anders Peterson at GS Mastering.

“Headed South For A While” is Ags Connolly on vocals and acoustic guitar; Rob Updegraff on electric guitars; Anna Robinson on bass; Chris ‘CJ’ Jones on drums and Michael Guerra on accordion.

Ags Connolly’s vocals contain an indelibly gritty wisdom that brings comfort to your jittery heart, and the way accordion is played adds a Western tinge to the production.  

This song was the first one I started to write for the album but one of the last I finished. While it’s definitely a road song that other musicians might empathise with, it’s also just about ageing and getting stuck, which is a little more universal. It sets the tone for some of the themes explored elsewhere on the album. — Ags Connolly

Ags Connolly’s new album Siempre comes out June 16th and will be available via his website here:

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