Song Premiere: XOLEX “Ain’t Buyin’ It”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of XOLEX’s song “Ain’t Buyin’ It,” produced by Bobby Terry (Garth Brooks, Faith Hill). “Ain’t Buyin’ It” was co-written by XOLEX (Alexis Curran), Bobby Terry, and EllieMae.

This song is XOLEX on vocals, and Bobby Terry on all the instruments.

With a lot of country pop, feisty and badass, this is a song for you when you’re ready to quit and move on.  A song written for her sister, there’s no doubt XOLEX really has her back, and you can hear it in every punchy note.  XOLEX identifies herself as a little bit of each of her parents with a lot of spunk and boundaries, all rolled into the best BFF anyone could ever want.

“Ain’t Buyin’ It” came about because my sister had recently gotten out of a traumatic and unfaithful relationship. I wanted to translate all of her struggles into a Gen Z cheater banger and something to empower anyone who is just over being lied to. The way I was raised was to never tolerate disrespect, to know your worth, and never settle. When writing “Ain’t Buyin’ It,” a big part of me thought of my parents because clearly, I am who I am, because of what they instilled in me. I get my forgiving side from my mom, who never holds a grudge, but I’m more like my dad. He just has this energy you can’t touch that nobody wants to mess with. To anyone who might be going through a hard time in a relationship right now—anyone who feels like someone is making them question their worth—this one’s for you! “We Ain’t Buyin’ It”! — XO,Lex

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