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Song Premieres: Dana Cooper “Traveler Too”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Dana Cooper’s song “Traveler Too” — in two versions, a full band version, and an acoustic version.  The full band version of the song will be available on March 3.  A second acoustic version will be released as well, on March 17.  Both are premiered below.

Musicians on the song are Dana Cooper on acoustic guitar and vocals; and Dave Coleman on  electric guitar, bass, and drums. In the full band version, the song sets up with some undisguised low wailing, and the song instantly connects with the audience — we’re all travelers, we’re all trying to connect.  In the solo acoustic version Dana’s vocals again reach right out to the audience on the first line.  “All these folks in a hurry … I’m a traveler just like you… One act of kindness can make me start to cry / That don’t mean I’m blue /
One thing that defines us in this uncertain life /  Is the love that resides in me and you /
I’m a traveler too.”  A nice song in either version to calm your worries and have you hopeful again.

“Traveler Too” blew into my ear along the rocky coast of the Irish Sea in a forlorn place called Kilmore Quay. The wind was so strong that I could barely stand up against it and seagulls were flopping around in the sky. Two haunting monuments stand there dedicated to all the souls who never returned from the sea. I thought of all us vulnerable human beings traveling through space and time together just trying to find a way to get along.

I wanted to record a raw, edgy acoustic version as I perform the song live in concert. I also wanted more of a rocky band performance to reach a wider listening audience. So, I enlisted Dave Coleman as a one man band playing electric guitar, bass and drums. — Dana Cooper

Find more information here: https://www.danacoopermusic.com/

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Here’s the full band version.  The solo acoustic version is just beneath it:

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