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Video Premiere: Mike Miz “Six Ways From Sunday”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Mike Miz’s song “Six Ways From Sunday” from his forthcoming album Only Human, slated for release on April 14.  The album was recorded live to 2 inch tape at The Studio in Nashville; engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brook Sutton; and produced by Mike Miz, Brook Sutton, and Ted Pecchio.

“Six Ways From Sunday” is Mike Miz on electric guitar and vocals; Laur Joamets  on electric 12 string guitar; Ted Pecchio on bass; Jon Radford on drums and Michael Borowski on piano.  Not pictured in the video are Jarad Reynolds on vocals; Josh Scalf on trombone; Chris Bellamy on tenor and baritone Sax and Leif Shires on trumpet.

The video was produced and directed by Monica Baranko at Rock and Reel Media; and
mixed and engineered by Brook Sutton. With footage of the band playing in the studio, the video provides the visual facet of the band’s energy as it dovetails with the excitement of the song.  It’s a song written about hard times caused during addiction, and the path forward to a hopeful space.  All done with a bluesy rock and slide guitar enthusiasm.

This song is a true autobiographical account of some of the things that happened in the years before I moved to Nashville. I have been on 130 mg of methadone a day, was addicted to a plethora of other substances, I had gotten into a bunch of trouble with the law, and actually went on the run from the state of New Jersey with a bunch of warrants for my arrest. It was not pretty. I was also in a relationship at the time that disintegrated. I had gotten sober, repaired the relationship, and had to turn myself in and face the music. Through the process of getting sober, I was able to work through all my legal problems, and break through to the other side of positivity and sobriety. I love that the lyrics of the song are hopeful. And I try to live by the idea of “being true to myself and true to the melody. — Mike Miz


“Six Ways From Sunday”:



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