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REVIEW: Jaimee Harris “Boomerang Town”


Jaimee Harris – Boomerang Town (Thirty Tigers)

Much like Springsteen decades before her with Born To Run, Jaimee Harris has her own tale of wanting to break out of her “death trap” town. In Harris’ case it’s not a New Jersey cage on Highway 9, but a small Texas burg that she’s cleverly coined Boomerang Town. But the desire to escape is just as strong, as evidenced throughout her sophomore effort, aptly titled Boomerang Town.

“Why was I able to get out of my boomerang town?” she asks. “Why are others stuck there, longing to leave but unable to find their way out? Writing these songs, bringing these narrators to life, brought me closer to the answers. Even though I was able to leave, I was not able to escape the generational cycle of addiction and mental illness.”

Boomerang Town covers a lot of ground in just 10 songs: thorny topics like political turmoil, uncertainty, loneliness and despair. On one of the most striking songs, Harris tackles addiction on “The Fair And Dark Haired Lad” (co-written with Dirk Powell and Katrine Noel), a sad story told with surprising beauty and grace. Throughout the record she excises a lifetime’s worth of ghosts, starting with an Evangelical upbringing – hanging on to the love thy neighbor philosophy but jettisoning a lot of the hatred and judgement along the way.

One of the brightest spots on the record is the optimistic “Missing Someone,” the album closer, serving as the perfect emotional counterweight to some of the darker material here and ending the album on an optimistic note.

Boomerang Town is not a breezy, easy listen, but it’s an important album, with a lot to say. It’s also one that grows more impressive with each new listen.  Find more information and Jaimee Harris tour dates, here: https://www.jaimeeharris.com

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The album was produced and mixed by Mark Hallman; engineered by Andre Moran; and
recorded at Congress House Studio in Austin.  It was mastered by Mark Hallman at Congress House Studio, Austin.

Musicians on the album:

Jaimee Harris – acoustic guitar, vocals, backing vocals
Mark Hallman – trap drums, wood drums, bass, electric guitar, Wurlitzer, Hammond, cajon, accordion
Taylor Hallman – tambourine
Andre Moran – electric guitar, slide guitar
BettySoo – backing vocals
Kris Nelson – backing vocals
Sammy Powell – piano
Michele Gazich – violin
Dirk Powell – accordion
Brian Standefer – cello
David Mansfield – violin, viola

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