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Song Premiere: Stuffy Shmitt “Radio’s Broken”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Stuffy Shmitt’s song “Radio’s Broken” from his new album Cherry, scheduled to be released on February 24.  Cherry was produced by Stuffy Shmitt, Dave Coleman and Chris Tench; engineered by Dave Coleman; recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio in Inglewood, Tennessee; and mastered by Alex McCullough

“Radio’s Broken” is Stuffy Shmitt on vocals and acoustic guitar; Parker Hawkins on bass; Dave Colella on drums; and Chris Tench and Dave Coleman on guitars.  Stuffy has a wry vocal delivery on the intro here, and it opens up into a raunchy rock ‘n roll experience, with dirty bopping guitar tones and Stuffy’s vocals sounding like he’s on the radio across the room. 

I’ve always been allergic to pointless guitar solos that don’t really say anything—you know, guys who widdly-widdly play 400 notes as fast as they can to impress you, when three notes would’ve been better. In the studio, I told the band, ‘No single notes on this one, no guitar solos anywhere—just big loud rock chords. Don’t you dare play single notes!’ This song was raw and spontaneous. I even ended up leaving the scratch acoustic guitar in. A lot of times, I record live with it, then take it out. But on “Radio’s Broken” it’s still in there jangling and nasty because the one I had buzzed like crazy. Anyway, the plot doesn’t really matter on this one. I got a real rock & roll tune here. — Stuffy Shmitt

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