Mary Elizabeth Remington - In Embudo

REVIEW: Mary Elizabeth Remington’s “In Embudo”


Mary Elizabeth Remington - In Embudo

Mary Elizabeth Remington’s beautiful debut album In Embudo comes out today via Loose Music.

In Embudo was recorded live onto a 4-track tape machine in a small house edged up along the Rio Grande in Embudo, New Mexico. Mary joined up with her incredibly talented friends, Adrianne Lenker and James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Mat Davidson of Twain to create a beautifully intimate, haunting and an immediately compelling album.

The musicianship is loose and an absolutely perfect accompaniment to Mary Elizabeth Remington’s subtle and unique deep vocal delivery reminiscent of the wonderful Connie Converse. It draws you in completely to a peaceful timeless world that could as easily be the 1870’s Appalachia as 2022 New Mexico.

Throughout the album she tackles themes of love, unrequited love, family and her deep relationship with nature.

“Dreeser Hill” is a beautifully sad song of unrequited love told from the narrators point of view.

I want to lie here all night and converse with you
I want to go ride and switch gears to Dresser Hill with you
I want to string and tune this violin and sing a song with you
But darlin’ baby I cannot be in love with you

In Embudo feels emotionally deep but there is a playful feel that threads itself through these songs. At the end of the song “Mary Mary,” Mary and Adrianne break into laughter on the final harmony. This is not an imperfection. It is incredibly heart warming and makes the listener feel as part of this rich and loving family.

Photo by Lindsay Leslie

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​Featuring: Adrianne Lenker (acoustic guitar, vocals) Mat Davidson (steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals), James Krivchenia (percussion and engineer) and Mary Elizabeth Remington (vocals).

All songs written by Mary Remington

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