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Song Premiere : Mary Elizabeth Remington “Dresser Hill”

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Mary Elizabeth Remington — “Dresser Hill” 

Americana Highways bring you this premiere of Mary Elizabeth Remington’s new single “Dresser Hill” from her forthcoming debut Album In Embudo (out February 10th on Loose Music) featuring Adrianne Lenker and James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Mat Davidson of Twain.  The album was engineered by James Krivchenian. 

“Dresser Hill” is Mary Elizabeth Remington on vocals; Adrianne Lenker on guitar and vocals; Mat Davidson on vocals; and James Krivchenian on percussion. 

Mary Elizabeth harnesses old timey, flinty harmonious vocal tones on this calming, easy, stripped down recording.  “You say I love you, I love you, sweet baby … I want to lie here all night and converse with you” croons and upswells with a captivating grace.  

In Embudo was made using full live takes onto a 4-track in a small house edged up along the Rio Grande in Embudo, New Mexico. “Dresser Hill” captures the wonderfully soulful harmonies of Mary and Adrianne with beautifully sparse accompaniment. It is such a poignant live performance, it puts the listener in the room with the incredible musicians. — Mary Elizabeth Remington 

You can follow Mary Elizabeth Remington on Spotify to hear the new release on February 10th, and click here to find lots more information:

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