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Video Premiere: Matt Lenny “In the Garden”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Matt Lenny’s song “In the Garden” from his forthcoming album For the Birds, slated for release on April 21.  For the Birds was produced by Matt Lenny with big assists from Josh and Anthony. It was recorded by Josh Kaufman at Local Legend Recording, with additional recording by Matt Lenny, Bryan Trenis, and Anthony Gravino. The album was mixed and mastered by Anthony Gravino at High Cross Sound.

All songs on the album were written by Matt Lenny.

“In the Garden” is Matt Lenny  on vocals and guitar; Dave Mendez on dobro and vocals; Erik Vaveris on bass and vocals; David Jamison on drums and vocals; Bucky Hayes on guitar; and Bryan Trenis on piano.

The video was directed and produced by Sonny Ratcliff. The video provides an old B-movie style sardonic look at heaven and a fight between absurd outer space robotic aliens and Jesus, as it accompanies Matt Lenny’s easy folk presentation.  The dobro adds an element of surreality combined with old timey familiarity to the song that addresses a deeper question in a lighthearted fashion.

My buddy and talented director/video editor, Sonny Ratcliff, had the idea for this video and I love it. Some people may decide to become upset because this video uses an old Hollywood portrayal of Jesus in a less-than-serious way. But to me, I think an overly simplistic vision of any religious leader is just as ripe for mockery as a silly science fiction movie. Life and death and maybe God are mysteries and we can argue about the details, but the joy and the sorrow and the longing for something better are real. – Matt Lenny




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