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Song Premiere: Tommy Howell “Hell of a Life”

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Tommy Howell — “Hell of a Life”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Tommy Howell’s song “Hell of a Life,” from his forthcoming album American Storyteller, which is due to be released on February 4. American Storyteller was recorded and produced by Dean Miller.  You may recognize the musician/actor Tommy Howell’s name (C. Thomas Howell) from movies such as The Outsiders, E.T., Red Dawn, The Walking Dead, and lots more.

“Hell of a Live” is Tommy Howell on vocals and guitar; Sweepy Walker on harmonica; Zachariah Malachi on guitar; Eric Dalton on guitar; Matt Wade on mandolin; and Eric Stroud on drums.

Tracing childhood dreams through the darker teenage years and on though a lifetime, Tommy Howell’s latest is part storytelling and part retelling the fantastic adventures that an actor’s life yields. Entertaining and inspirational, and relatable because no matter what your life’s path, we all have a “Hell of a Life.”

I’m really excited for people to hear “Hell of a Life.” It chronicles the roles I’ve played, and man I’m so lucky and grateful to live the life I’ve lived, and this song just reminds me of that. — Tommy Howell

You can pre-save the album and find more information here:, and enjoy the song right here:


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