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REVIEW: Jefferson Berry “Dreams of Modern Living”


Jefferson Berry has a new album, Dreams of Modern Living, which is due to be available on January 27. Dreams of Modern Living was produced by Jefferson with Brian Flanagan.  It was engineered by Matt Muir, and mastered by Chris Muth of Taloowa Studios. Cover design for the album was courtesy of Katie Conway McGlade.

A cast of characters and perspectives make their appearance throughout the songs on this album — from homeless souls to the lovelorn and heady social commentary too. Berry’s guitar playing is emotionally instinctive, as he uses both rhythms and melodies to buoy the intricate storytelling of the lyrics.

Casual guitar strums provide both the melody and the rhythms as the album opens up with an observational song “Locks and Guns.” “Double deadlock logic” and unsupervised kids, this is a courageous and direct exposé of some of the realities of guns, locks, and purposes.

Jefferson delights with his thoughtful, spacious version of Elton John / Bernie Taupin’s song “Come Down in Time.”  “To the Sea” is a comforting folk song about getting away from it all, purging all the clutter and living easy, and balancing serenity with a live of music: “music’s only as fine as the silence it’s compared to.”

“Puerto Rico” (written by Ben Arnold) captures the eerie longing that happens after a one-night stand over some very detailed guitar picking.

“Water in the Well” is a detailed account of the real life James Gang attack on Jefferson’s great-great grandfather, a wild tale presented over lovely acoustic guitar.

This is a stripped down, solo album.  Jefferson Berry will also be releasing an album, Prairie Fire, with the band “the UAC” later this year.

Check out this album for more detailed tales than your average fare.  Find more information, including tour dates and music links, here:

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Jefferson Berry: Guitar, Vocals & Stories

All songs by Jefferson Berry (Urban Acoustic Music, BMI), except for Come Down in Time by Elton John and Bernie Taupin (Universal–Songs of Polygram International Inc., BMI); To the Sea by Bill Champlin (Stay High Publishing, BMI); Doubting Thomas by Chris Thile (Chris Thile Music, BMI); and Puerto Rico by Ben Arnold (Favourite Redhead Music, BMI).

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