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Video Premiere: Jake Ybarra “Late November”

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Jake Ybarra – “Late November”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Jake Ybarra’s song “Late November.” The song was recorded at The Castle Studios. It was produced by William Gawley; and engineered and Mixed by Bryce Roberts with engineering assistance by Cory Halterman. The song is available now via Charlotte Avenue Entertainment (distributed by Vydia).

“Late November” is David Flint on acoustic and electric guitar; Billy Thomas on drums; Dow Tomlin on bass; Dane Bryant on piano and keys; and Jake Ybarra and Billy Thomas on vocals and backing vocals.

The video was directed by William Gawley and produced by Michelle Robertson of Charlotte Avenue Pictures. Videography is courtesy of Austin Boylen Cinematography. This song is a throwback to easier times and retro styles, and the video provides the ideal context with imagery — the movie theater,  green ’65 Mustang, the retro gas station and the dive bar.  The drone pilot was Sam Buttram; and Annika Conlee is the actress along with Jake Ybarra.

The romance only had a year, before she left the Oklahoma town, that’s the poignant tale captured here.  Sometimes emotions are mixed, both wonderful and sorrowful.  That’s what Jake Ybarra captures here: the joys of the new relationship, the dread of having to part.  And the music is celebratory in the midst of it all.

I started writing “Late November” on a trip I took back to my home state of Texas. There is something about being on the road that allows me the mental space to kind of just let thoughts flow in. I think it was probably the landscape that inspired the song the most. I didn’t end up finishing it until I got back to South Carolina a few weeks later but having new scenery to work with helped bring this one to fruition. – Jake Ybarra

Find the music to order, here: https://vyd.co/Latenovember


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