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The Trouble Notes “Liberty Awaits”

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The Trouble Notes photo by Stefanie Tendler

Americana Highways presents this song — which is really a saga — by The Trouble Notes, “Liberty Awaits.”  “Liberty Awaits” was written, produced and mixed by Bennet Cerven, and recorded at TRACK Conservatorium in Kortrijk Belgium.  It was mastered by Time Tools Mastering GmbH.

Musicians on this song are Bennet Cerven on violin; Florian Eisenschmidt on guitar; Oliver Maguire on percussion; and Carola Zarega on vocals.

The Music Video for Liberty Awaits is a cinematic short film. The first of a series done by Centre Films GmbH, it was shot in 3 different countries on a RED camera. In addition, there will be 1 or 2 Live video performances of the song as well: 1 filmed in Kortrijk, Belgium and the other in London, UK as part of Stabal Sessions.

Actors in the video’s dramatic scenes are Bennet Cerven, Florian Eisenschmidt, Oliver Maguire, and
Carola Zerega.

Darkness, channeled fear, and daring to hope — these must be essentially part of anyone’e experience who leaves their home for a safer place.  “Liberty Awaits,” the 6 minute musical lyrical fable, is a meditation on that concept.  it’s done with a folk noir style with intense violin, appropriately driving rhythms, suspenseful guitar, and Carola Zerega’s truly haunting vocals. Far more than a catchy little ditty, this song is a vignette and the movie draws this out even more.  What kind of courage does it take to cross hundreds of miles in hopes of a better life?

I wanted to pay tribute to my late grandfather and I thought about his legacy, what is his legacy? At some point in my family history, someone made the perilous trans-Atlantic voyage in search of a better life. I wanted to capture that Epic voyage filled with hope, anxiety, desperation and courage in the composition. I am grateful for the life I have lived because of the courage of my forebears and I hope that “Liberty Awaits” will help others connect with that journey and see the parallels to many of the immigrants of today. — Bennet Cerven, Violinist

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