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Interview: Lori Ellen “Ghost”


Lori Ellen — “Ghost”

There’s a school teacher in South Austin that spends her evenings moonlighting with the Midnight Girls, her summers volunteering for the Kerrville Folk Festival, and her fall in the Terlingua Desert in Far West Texas.

Lori Ellen’s first single “Ghost” is an intimate portrait of the memories scribbled in her songbook.

“I was thinking in terms of a former lover coming back,” Ellen said. “If they could be a fly on the wall and what types of ordinary objects could they become?”

Ellen recorded “Ghost” at Cooleyland, a family compound nestled on the Rappahannock River in Virginia with an in-home studio.

“It’s just a really inviting, creative space,” Ellen said. “There’s really fun trinkets and artwork and lights.. It’s a stimulating environment for a creative type.”

Shane Cooley produced “Ghost” and added instrumentation while taking a break from their “Sleep on Your Floor” tour of the Northeast.

“It’s about how the past never dies and we always hold on to pieces of what went on before,” Ellen said. “It’s a playful story about how life continues to move on but we still hold pieces of the past with us.”


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