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Song Premiere: Craig Greenberg “In Need of a Friend”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Craig Greenberg’s song “In Need of a Friend,” from his forthcoming EP Between the Sea and Sky. Between the Sea and Sky was produced by Wayne Silver and Craig Greenberg at the Ice Plant in Long Island City, NY.  It was engineered and mixed by Wayne Silver and mastered by Alex Psaroudakis.

Musicians on the album are Craig on organ, vocals, piano, synthesizer, guitar and bass; with Hiroyuki Matsuura on drums, with drums on one track by Wayne Silver and backing vocals by Melissa Goscinski.

It’s a poppy, upbeat Beatles-esque style song, catchy and memorable. All the desperation will wash away.

I started writing “In Need of a Friend” some years ago, somewhere around 2015, and had much of the music, though the feel was very different (more up tempo and bright), and a sketch of the lyric.

It was during the height of covid that I finally completed the music and lyric, which was fitting because it was a very isolating time for me (and well most people), and I was definitely missing human contact.

The lyric “I held a flame but it burned too fast. the plans we made weren’t made to last” is the most autobiographical, and seems to be a recurring theme in my dating life.

Both the characters are hopeful and true believers in love, and do find each other so it has a happy ending. — Craig Greenberg

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