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Video Premiere: Angela Easterling “Witness”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Angela Easterlings song “witness,” the title track from her album just released on October 28. Both the music and the lyrics are by Angela Easterling.

Musicians on the track are Angela Easterling & The Beguilers: Angela on vocals, Brandon Turner on lead guitar, Don McGraw on bass, and Scott Stinson on drums.

The video was filmed at Swanson’s Warehouse, Greenville, SC and Albino SkunkFarm Greer, SC.  It was directed, filmed and edited by BrandoJones Films.

“I always thought I’d be the one to leave you in the morning without a word… I’ll be your witness…I’m still your witness,” are thought-provoking lines on this song of an abusive relationship and the damage done by its harmful traps.  Holding a lantern and singing this song itself are signs of the testimony that this victim still bears.  Chilling, and all-too-relatable.

The title song is about being in a very religious environment, where you are supposed to be a “witness” to spread the religion, or represent the love, acceptance and abundant life it offers, and instead, become victim or witness to forms of religious trauma, judgement and/or abuse.

It is also about someone who has escaped an abusive situation and moved on with their life, but are still haunted by what they endured, or witnessed. — Angela Easterling

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