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Video Premiere: JJ Voss “A Letter To Dad”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of JJ Voss’ song “A Letter To Dad.” “A Letter To Dad” was written by JJ Voss; produced and mixed by Russell Broom; and engineered by Russell Broom, Josh Gwilliam, and JJ Voss.  It was mastered by Brock McFarlane, CPS Mastering.  Photography for the single is courtesy of Joanne Curtis, and graphic design was done by Fair Wend Entertainment Services.

“A Letter To Dad” is Ben Bradley on drums; Lisa Jacobs on bass; Russell Broom on electric guitar, baritone, dobro, banjo, and percussion; and JJ Voss on acoustic guitar and vocals. The video was directed by Francois Denysschen.  It was shot and edited by Prehistoric Productions in the RM of Cupar.

This song is authentically poignant. With the weight of a legacy on his mind, a son hopes to balance honoring his father’s wishes while still staying true to his own. There’s power in this songwriting.  Voss’s gritty growly vocals are haunting and introspective, and “we can walk away or see this through …  I won’t give up and I won’t complain, I’ve got your stubborn will and I bear your name.”  The visual footage of the farmhouse, equipment and the land will hit home with every Americana music fan.  Check it out.

Sept. 30 marked the 100th year since my Grandad received the deed to the land that has been in our family’s name since. My Mom and Dad raised four kids and lived there right up until my father’s passing nine years ago. My Dad’s dream was to see the farm continue to operate for another generation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though any of my siblings or I will carry on his legacy. The last time I spoke to my father before he passed, I promised that I would do everything I could to keep the land in our name and preserve our family’s home. I wrote ‘A Letter to Dad’ to give him an update and to reaffirm my resolve to find a solution. — JJ Voss

Find the music here: https://ffm.to/g8rb5xe

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