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Song Premiere: Taylor Ashton “Santa’s Song (I Don’t Believe In Myself)”

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Taylor Ashton — “Santa’s Song ”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Taylor Ashton’s holiday song “Santa’s Song (I Don’t Believe In Myself),” out this week on Signature Sounds. “Santa’s Song (I Don’t Believe in Myself)” was written by Taylor Ashton; produced, recorded and mixed by Alec Spiegelman; and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova.

“Santa’s Song (I Don’t Believe in Myself)” is Taylor Ashton on vocals, banjo, and guitars; Alec Spiegelman on woodwinds and synths; James Shipp on percussion and additional engineering; and Emily Hope Price on cello and additional engineering.  This is a true Christmas song.  You can almost feel the delicate snow falling outside. Honest music and an honest outpouring from the heart.

Could Santa Claus suffer from imposter syndrome? If so, I can definitely relate. Carving out a music career in this day and age definitely requires a little suspension of disbelief. It’s not always easy to believe in your own gifts, or to believe that you have something to offer. But it can be healing to hear that somebody else is also struggling. And so, I offer this little melancholy holiday ballad with a sense of humor and a little nod to the geography of Canada, my home country. – Taylor Ashton

Find the music here: https://taylorashton.lnk.to/santa

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