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REVIEW: M. Lockwood Porter “Sisyphus Happy”


M. Lockwood Porter is releasing his latest album Sisyphus Happy, co-produced with John Moreland. The album will be available October 14.

Sisyphus Happy draws out the contradictions of the general resignation that so many of us are actually living behind the façade.  How often do you just say “I’m fine” with a smile when you’re screaming inside?  Sisyphus Happy sees you.

“Cried Through The Night” is a slow tempo number that casually identifies the way we put on masks to hide our true angst — “I’m all right, just cried through the night.” A nice, easy guitar solo on this one carried by pedal steel.  “I Went Out To Find The Answer” tells a story of the financial struggles, trying to make music and hold onto a relationship and the stuff of life.

“First Reformed” is more of a hushed song reflecting on solitude, and perhaps the struggles of the pandemic lockdown tribulations. But then it takes an eerie turn.  His widow was crying, and there’s been a suicide, and the sorrow washes over you with Porter’s high dreamy, vocals.  It’s been a bad day.

“Craigslist Song” is a harder rocker with Porter’s high Pettyesque vocals telling the tale of what happens when you put your eggs in one basket, and he’s “too distracted to notice the sign.”  “The Kid Who Ran Away” is more county rock with a Tom Petty ease.

A very enjoyable album well worth your time.

The album was co-produced by M. Lockwood Porter and John Moreland.  All instruments and vocals on the songs are courtesy of M. Lockwood Porter except drums and bass, which were played by Moreland. It was mixed by John Moreland.

Find more information here: https://bmr.link/link-in-bio

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