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Song Premiere: Shelton Powe “She Don’t Care About Me”

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Shelton Powe — “She Don’t Care About Me”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Shelton Powe’s song “She Don’t Care About Me,” from his forthcoming self-titled album due to be released through the Music Maker Foundation. Music Maker Foundation has worked for a quarter century to maintain and record the roots musical traditions of the American South.  The album is part of their Listener’s Circle subscription series.

A native of North Carolina and now a Georgia resident, Shelton Powe’s southern roots are deep.  His Piedmont finger-picking guitar style is showcased in understated elegance here.  It’s produced in bright and shiny pings and twangs.  Gentle and thoughtful, Powe’s “She Don’t Care About Me” will hit you in all your heart of longing.  After all, she cares about that drug of choice more than she cares about him.

All my songs I write come from my life experiences. The song comes from my personal relationship with a coke head. All gifts the guy — that’s me — gives her she trades them in for the drug. The coke is her God. He loves her and wished her love was that strong for him. I embellished a little but not much. — Shelton Powe

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