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Video Premiere: Jenna Torres “Just A Mountain”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Jenna Torres’ song “Just A Mountain.”  This song was recorded at Forty-one Fifteen; produced by Charlie Chamberlain and Irakli Gabriel; and 
mixed and mastered by Charlie Chamberlain.

“Just A Mountain” is Chris Benelli on drums and percussion; Adam Beard on bass; Elliott Blaufuss  on keyboards; Smith Curry on pedal steel;  Irakli Gabriel on acoustic guitars; Charlie Chamberlain on mandolin and electric guitar; and Matt Dame on background vocals.

The video features acting performances by Rod Picott in a dramatic roll and Jenna Torres on acoustic guitar.  It was directed and edited by Duende Vision in Nashville.  Tap into a genuine and thoughtful song by Torres on the ability to access our own inner strength, and enjoy the acting performance by Picott too. Who better to act out a human struggle with angst than Rod Picott? He has composed and written both songs and stories about this very topic for decades.  

There is something about lifting other people up that inspires me. It can be so much easier to offer hope to someone else than to find it for ourselves. Songwriting helps me hear my own encouraging voice; as much as I am talking to you, I am talking to myself.

I believe we all have a silent reserve —an inner strength that we don’t know we have until we have to call upon it to get us through. Human beings are amazing; we overcome great obstacles, face hardship, heartache, and loss, and yet we keep going. It makes me fall in love with people every day because we share so much more than we can see on the surface. — Jenna Torres

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Check into Rod Picott’s writings, here:  Book Review: “Out Past The Wires” by Rod Picott


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