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Song Premiere and Interview: Erin Gibney “That’s What I’m Looking For”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Erin Gibney’s song “That’s What I’m Looking For, from her forthcoming album, Rose Colored Glasses.   It was recorded at The Galt Line Studio in Nashville; mixed by Marshall Altman; engineered by Owen Lewis and Marshall Altman; and mastered by Infrasonics. The song will be released on October 7 via Rock Ridge Music. 

“That’s What I’m Looking For” was written by Taylor Acorn, Kyle Fishman, and Justin Wilson.  Musicians on the song are Erin Gibney on vocals; Marshall Altman on guitar, keyboards, and programming; Tony Lucido on bass; and Jerry Roe on drums.

Americana Highways had a chance to sit down with Erin Gibney and chat about the song and other topics that arose serendipitously.  The song premiere appears just below the interview.  

Americana Highways: “That’s What I’m Looking For” is really fantastic. The song was written by Taylor Acorn, Kyle Fishman, and Justin Wilson. How did you come to discover this song and what made you decide to record it?

Erin Gibney: I was sent this song in September of 2020 by my team at Rock Ridge Music. I remember putting it on the speaker in my kitchen and listening to it for the first time and immediately knowing that I wanted it to be a part of my catalog. For the entire week following, I listened to it every time I got in the car and was impatient to get into the studio and finally record it.

AH: Making a song written by someone else into something that is your own can be a challenge. What did you do — both mentally in preparing to sing the song, and in the recording process — to make this an “Erin Gibney song”?

EG: Adopting a song that isn’t yours can be a really tricky process, but with this song I actually found it to be quite easy. The minute I heard this song, I felt empowered and excited to bring it to life. I found myself gaining a new level of confidence just from working on it and hearing its message over and over again. Heading into the studio, I remember wanting everyone to feel the way I feel when I hear the song.

AH: What do you think this song’s message is? What do you hope it brings to people who hear it?

EG: I think this song is meant to remind people that they deserve to be in relationships that show them love and respect. I think setting boundaries and knowing what you want can be really empowering, so it’s my hope that this song gives people the confidence to do that.

AH: What kind of “vibe” were you going for with this song, musically speaking? Did it end up sounding like you imagined it might?

EG: I really imagined this song having an anthem feel to it. I wanted this to be the type of song that people sing at the top of their lungs in the car and turn to when they need a boost of confidence. I want “That’s What I’m Looking For” to bring a sense of joy to whoever listens.

AH: Do you have a favorite aspect of the song — either a favorite lyric line or a favorite musical moment? What makes it a favorite?

EG: I honestly love when the chorus starts and “that’s what I’m looking for” repeats. It’s always the part of the song that gets stuck in my head and is what ties the lyrics together!

AH: What’s coming up next for you once the single comes out this week?

EG: I am so excited for the coming weeks because I will be opening for Sister Hazel in Columbia, TN on 10/13 and Huntsville, AL on 10/22!

Thanks for chatting with us, Erin.  Check out this indie folk song that takes a stand and draws a line in the sand and settles for nothing less than perfect. Good goals.  

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