Song Premiere with Interview: Erin Gibney “Easy Like That”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Erin Gibney’s song “Easy Like That,” due out on April 16, 2021 via Rock Ridge Music. “Easy Like That” is from Gibney’s forthcoming album Rose Colored Glasses, due out this summer, which was recorded at the Galt Line Studio in Nashville; mixed by Marshall Altman; engineered by Owen Lewis and Marshall Altman and mastered at Infrasonics.

“Easy Like That” is Erin Gibney on vocals; Marshall Altman on guitar, keyboards, and programming; Tony Lucido on bass and Jerry Roe on drums.  We had a chance to chat with Erin Gibney briefly about the song.  Our premiere appears just beneath the interview.

AH: What is the story behind this song? What inspired you to write it?

EG: I wrote “Easy Like That” as a reflection of what my life would be like today if my current relationship hadn’t worked out. I began dating my boyfriend at 18, two months before I moved to Nashville and he went off to college in Connecticut. During that time, I saw the relationships my friends were in ending, in the midst of mine beginning. Everyone in my life was sure that with 1000 miles between us, things would end for my boyfriend and me as well. However, we were able to make it work despite the distance. I wrote this song reflecting on how I would feel today, at 21, if my relationship hadn’t worked out and it ended when we went our separate ways. This song draws inspiration from the breakups I witnessed, and the heartache I watched the people I love go through. All in all, this is a story about wanting a love back and realizing you should have never said goodbye. In this song, the couple goes their separate ways and breaks up after high school. Years later, the girl realizes that as much as she wants to, getting back together isn’t as easy as she hoped.

AH: What kind of vibe were you trying to achieve with the recording of this song? Did it come out sounding like you thought it might?

EG: I wanted to play on the name of this song and give it an “easy,” laid-back vibe, while still keeping a catchy beat. The producer of this track, Marshall Altman, brought this aspect to life in ways that I could not have imagined. This song came out better than I ever anticipated it would when I first entered the studio. It was amazing to watch it come together with all of its unique elements.

AH: Was this recorded before the pandemic started or did you have to navigate recording during COVID? What was the recording process like?

EG:  I recorded this song in October 2020, while the pandemic was still going on. Having to navigate recording under such unique circumstances was tricky, but with all of the appropriate regulations, I felt safe recording in the studio. The studio that I worked in kept the producer and me separate from others in the building and recording equipment was clean, making it a comfortable experience to be in the recording booth.

AH: How would you describe the music that you make?

EG: I would describe the music that I make as pop-country. My music is generally inspired by the country genre, with added pop undertones. I love to mix upbeat music and ballads in my catalog, and “Easy Like That” is a great mid-tempo mix of the two.

AH: What’s coming up next for you?

EG: My next move is to release more new music and start this new chapter in my career. I will continue playing shows out live, and I am hoping that once COVID is over, I will be able to get back to playing in a normal and safe way!

With a pop country flare, Erin Gibney delivers good vibes.  “”It’s Ain’t Easy’ like that” is something we can all relate to.  Check it out right here.



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