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Show Review: The Airport 77s / The Highballers / Smokin’ on Planes

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The Airport 77s/The Highballers/Smokin’ on Planes
CD Release Party for The Airport 77s We Realize You Have A Choice
The Runaway, Washington, DC
September 29, 2022

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After emerging from the pandemic with an arsenal of twelve new power-pop gems, The Airport 77s took to the stage at The Runaway in Washington, DC to celebrate the release of their new album, We Realize You Have A Choice. Their set was tight, energetic and fun from beginning to end, and it showcased the best in songcraft the DC area has to offer since Tommy Keene was showing the kids how to do it since the early 1980s. Guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter Andy Sullivan transfixed the audience with his frontman skills while the rhythm section, comprised of bassist Chuck Dolan and drummer John Kelly delivered a solid, yet nimble foundation for the songs, while shaking the foundation of The Runaway.

Their work has garnered them some great buzz, as well as some airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on Sirius XM, and I am looking forward to seeing much more of them on the DC scene in the days to come. Don’t miss them.

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Stellar support for the evening was delivered courtesy of The Highballers, another DC phenomenon providing a much-needed ray of sunlight in the local scene. Rather than lull audiences into a stupor with flannel, acoustic guitars, fiddles and mandolins like so many Northern Virginia/DC acts seem compelled to do, The Highballers take the ups and downs of the human condition, dress them in short skirts and high heels or shiny suits and ties, add some real twang and energy, and serve up a fun selection of songs that make you want to dance and laugh out loud. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to see a band like The Highballers out making their mark, and, again – don’t miss them when they’re playing out.

Smokin' on Planes

The evening started with another local power pop combo, Smokin’ on Planes, who played a strong 30 minute set of originals and a well-chosen cover or two mixed in.

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