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Video Premiere: Li’l Andy “When The Fire Comes Down”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Lil Andy’s song “When The Fire Comes Down” from his new box set The Complete Recordings Of Hezekiah Procter (1925-1930). Hezekiah Procter is a contemporary fictional character, and so the music is not actually from 1925-1930 recordings.  Rather, the music is a work of historical fiction with a very accurate proximity reproduction of songs that could well have existed during that era, the brainchild of Li’l Andy (aka Hezehiah Procter).

Li’l Andy / The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter (1925-1930) was recorded on analogue tape and wire recorder by Ben Caissie and Joe Grass; and the music and lyrics are all by Li’l Andy.

“When The Fire Comes Down” is Hezekiah Procter on vocals and guitar; with Sheesham & Lotus & Son: Sam Allison on cello and banjo; Teilhard Frost on harmonica and Stroh violin; and Brian Sanderson on sousaphone.

The video was filmed, edited, and audio recorded by Lucas Harrison Rupnik.  It was filmed in Earle’s Hall in Wakefield, Quebec, Canada.  Li’l Andy has created a piece of performance art.  4-part harmonies, era-appropriate instruments and a vintage theater set the stage, literally, for the music to be performed.  And when the music comes alive, it sounds just as realistic as can be — a highly entertaining enterprise, and genuine roots music.

In the novel that I wrote to go along with the album, Hezekiah cuts his teeth in show business by playing in vaudeville and the medicine shows of the 1920s. So when I found an actual movie/vaudeville theatre that was built in 1870, I pleaded to be allowed to film there. The fire department forbids people from going in there, and the stairs are slanted like crazy, but it seemed to complete Hezekiah Procter’s world as I’d imagined it. – Li’l Andy

There is a novel to accompany the boxed set.

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