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Song Premiere: Brody Bond “It Is Love”

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Brody Bond — “It Is Love”

Brody Bond

Americana Highways presents this premiere of Brody Bond’s song “It Is Love,” from his forthcoming album The Mo(µ)rning EPs, due to be released on September 23.  The Mo(µ)rning EPs was produced by Jeremy Cassella; mixed by Evan Redwine; and mastered by Joe Causey. It was recorded at Bigger Story Music and The Arrow (vocals), with studio engineering by Bill Whittington.

“It Is Love” is Brody Bond on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar;  Nathan Dugger on electric guitar;
Matt Pierson on bass; Blair Masters on Hammond B3; and Ken Lewis on drums.

Brody Bond creates a thoughtful purity in this bouncy, rootsy rock song.  Love for our children can teach us a lot about love of all kinds, and Brody identifies this for us here.

Love is not what I thought it was. It was a revelation when I realized ‘I’m not afraid of my kids.’ They are not a threat to me. I don’t need anything from them. Therefore, I can love them well. And they can love me well, too, because they know they can act and speak freely without it being any sort of threat to me. This is in such contrast to how I tried to give and receive love in some other relationships… only to be always so afraid and manipulatable. A relationship of real love feels like freedom. It’s not obligation. It’s not full of expectations. There’s no threat of resentment. Real love casts out fear. — Brody Bond 

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