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Song Premiere: Brian Blake “Book of Life”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Brian Blake’s song “Book of Life,” the title track from his album due to be released on November 18. Book of Life  was produced by Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt; recorded and mixed by Ron Flynt; and recorded at Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, Texas. It was mastered by Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova Mastering.

“Book of Life” is Brian Blake on vocals, acoustic, and electric guitars; Chris Beall on electric guitar; Rich Brotherton on 2nd Acoustic guitar, cittern, dobro, tenor guitar, mandolin, and resonator guitar; John Chipman on drums and percussion; Bart de Win on accordion; Ron Flynt on bass, Wurlitzer piano, piano, and baritone guitar; Warren Hood on fiddle; BettySoo on harmony vocals; and Walt Wilkinson percussion and harmony vocals.

Acoustic instruments invite you in to come in by the campfire, pull up a stump, and listen to the story of the book of life, and Brian Blake’s songwriting will hold you there in spite of yourself, wiping away tears.  Saying goodbye to your kid, the pain of divorce, mortality, and then, forget all that “just play me another song.” One of the saddest, truest songs you’ll ever hear. Put this one on top of the heap for great songwriters writing in relative obscurity that you need to get to know.

I think this is a song most people can relate to, as we all eventually experience varying degrees of pain, loss, and grief. And hard as it may be to face those difficulties sometimes, they really are just pages and chapters within our individual stories. This song speaks to letting go of those emotions and pushing through the tough times. — Brian Blake

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