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REVIEW: Shea Rafferty “Making History”


Shea Rafferty has recorded a new album, Making History, due to be released on September 9th. The album was produced by Tim Prottey-Jones (Wandering Hearts) at Crypt Studios in London. Judging by the way the music radiates country music’s inner light, you’d never guess it’s been crafted by a native of Northern Ireland.

“Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” starts the album off with perfect country/Americana style.  Cupid drawing his bow with an arrow for our heart, heartbreak and fighting off fears, and “remember don’t be hard on yourself” is the comforting line with pedal steel and acoustic guitar.  It’s good solace.  

“Out of the Blue” is an optimistic number of country sunshine and upbeat guitar.  “Somewhere In Between” is a another one “I’m not asking for a miracle, I only wish I could … somewhere in between would be good…. It’s time for love not war” show the lyrical soul searching Rafferty engages in that sets the album apart from your average “fell good” affair. “Lend a Helping Hand” is more stripped down and start off a cappella: “the dust settles for another day, you just lie back and pray… from the wreckage we salvage what we can,” as the song extends a hand of hope.   

“Nights Out” is a rock anthem with crazy scenes walking the streets at night, and glorious harmonies — check this one out for the heart of the album. 

Making History offers an optimistic catharsis. Find more about Shea Rafferty here:

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All songs on the album were written by Shea Rafferty.  It was engineered by David Simson; mixed by Mohawk Pigeon Ltd; and mastered by Jon Neufield.

Musicians on the album are Shea Rafferty on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Tim Prottey-Jones on keys, acoustic guitar and backing vocals; Cristiano Pochesci on lead guitar; Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red) on lead guitar on “Nights Out”; Jonny Quinn (Snow Patrol) and
Gaet Allard on drums; Marek Bero on bass; Joe Smith on pedal steel; Vicki Manser on backing vocals; and Dan Hochhalter on fiddle.

Backing vocals on “Nights Out” were contributed by Tom Bright, Shaun O’ Reilly, Yanaina Castilleja, Francesca Di Biasi and David Simpson.

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