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REVIEW: Brittany Collins “Things I tell My Therapist”


Brittany Collins – Things I tell My Therapist (Self-Released)

Brittany Collins

By John B. Moore

The title of Brittany Collins’ first LP is more than just a smart quip. Based on the soul baring revelations spread across the nine tracks that make up Things I Tell My Therapist, Collins was definitely working through some personal issues here. But the result is surprisingly relatable collection of songs that many will keep coming back to.

“If there is a message I would want someone to take away from the album, it would be ‘Life is messy, you get hurt, but you get to choose the kind of person you want to be, you get to choose to grow past the hurt and be a source of light for people if you want. It’s never too late to choose to put yourself first,’” said Collins recently.

The opening track, “The Apple,” confronts family trauma head on, but Collins impressively confident delivery brings the stories to life in a way that feels much more like listening to a friend versus furtively reading someone’s diary. And heavy topics aside, the album far from being a dour affair. There is optimism to be found throughout the record, like on “The Journey,” a beautiful upbeat track about finding love and watching it grow. But it’s the title track, tucked in the middle of the record, where Collins’ knack for impactful writing and her emotive vocal prowess really shines. The album ends on the driving “Adria,” another standout track.

With the bulk of the songs here written in late 2020, Collins admits every single song here is either about herself or about a specific person in her life. As a result, the record is emotionally heavy and profoundly personal, but also deeply satisfying.

Things I Tell My Therapist was produced, engineered and mixed by Dylan Welsh (assistant engineering by David Murray); recorded at M.A.R.S in Bothell, Washington. It was mastered by Jason Mariani at Carbonite Sound.

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