Video Premiere: Speedfossil “The Verge”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Speedfossil’s song “The Verge” from their recently released album No Anesthesia, out now on Red on Red Records.  The album was produced and written by Garret Vandermolen; engineered and recorded by Garret Vandermolen and Speedfossil; mixed by Dave Westner and mastered by Alex McCullough at True East Mastering in Nashville.

“The Verge” is Garret Vandermolen on vocals, guitars, keyboards and percussion; Dan Jordan on guitars and backing vocals; Michael Scotti on bass; Hector Saint-Hilaire on drums and percussion; and McCoy, Myles and Garret Vandermolen on handclaps.

The video was filmed and edited by longtime cohort of the band, Harold Stevens, from the Purple Germs studios.  The raw, undoctored band footage of Speedfossil in this video is refreshing and real.  Their sound is good old style rock n roll — the kind that gets your heart racing.

The new video for “The Verge” kicks it old school, with a straight-ahead performance video of the band doing what it does best – rocking! No fancy effects or added animations, just a straight-ahead performance from the lads in the spirit of the NO ANESTHESIA album. There is one nod the thematic content of “The Verge,” a small allusion to rose colored glasses and some of the song’s lyrical themes, hidden in the heart of the video, and at the very end. Filmed and edited by longtime collaborator, Harold Stevens from the Purple Germs studios, the footage was captured during a marathon performance session at The Sanctuary in Maynard, MA, a beautiful church built in 1852 by town namesake, Amory Maynard, that has been converted into a performance space.

We really wanted to just make a straight-ahead, no-nonsense video of us performing the song, with no extra special secret sauce, like the old days of band videos when you just watched a group play their hit-hopefully we succeeded in making something entertaining for folks to watch and to promote the song! — Garret Vandermolen

Find the album here: https://speedfossil.bandcamp.com

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