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REVIEW: Terry Klein “Good Luck Take Care”


Terry Klein — Good Luck Take Care

Terry Klein has a new album that’s due to be out among us on February 25, and it’s a real nice one:  Good Luck Take Care. The album was produced and mixed by Thomm Jutz, recorded by Andy Kern and Thomm Jutz, and mastered by Alex McCullough.

Musicians on the album are Terry Klein on vocals and acoustic guitar; Thomm Jutz on electric and acoustic guitar and backing vocals;  Lynn Williams on drums; Tim Marks on bass; Scotty Sanders on pedal steel; and Tammy Rogers on fiddle and mandolin.

Terry Klein’s songwriting is perfection.  No idea why this dude isn’t wildly famous, but give him time.

“Black coffee breakfast” is the first line that’ll first leap out and grab you in the album opener “60 in a 75.” And you’ll ride along with all the reasons you might be “in the market for an SSRI,” and it’s so very relatable, and now you’re hooked on the album.

Anyone who has attended Terry’s shows in the past year has heard this next gem, “Fish Feel the Knife.”  Parenthood is an opportunity, often unexpected, to confront the edges of things we have tried our whole lives to let go numb.  Anyone can have a kid, they send you home, “good luck, take care.”  And right there you have the album title too.

“The Salt” is a song about tears and the salt they leave behind.  The pedal steel is oh-so-gentle here, and although there are electric instruments, it’s as soft an arrangement as you can imagine.  “The Ballad of Dick Trickle” tells a walking blues-style tale about the race car driver.

“Salinas” is a rocker, then, to shake things up, and you worry that Joe was set up.

Terry Klein has a knack for drawing you in with subtlety, and with Thomm Jutz on the controls the delivery of the songs’ messages are just right.  The subjects of Klein’s songs are always absolutely unique.  I predict this one will find its way onto some year-end favorite lists. Find more information here: http://www.TerryKleinMusic.com 

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