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Song Premiere: The Deer “Baby Green”

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The Deer

The Deer — “Baby Green”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of The Deer’s song “Baby Green” from their forthcoming album The Beautiful Undead due to be released via Keeled Scales on September 9. The Beautiful Undead was produced and engineered by Michael McLeod and Jesse Dalton; mixed by Dan Duszynski and Michael McLeod; and mastered by Erik Wofford. It was recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, Tom’s Ranch, Laguna Glasgow and Laura-Star’s house in living rooms, bedrooms, and closets.

“Baby Green” is Grace Rowland on vocals and keys; Jesse Dalton on vocals and upright bass; Michael McLeod on electric guitar; Noah Jeffries on fiddle; and Alan Eckert on vocals, drums, and percussion. The Deer make dreamy folksy music that lingers and sticks with your heart, on very relatable themes.  Listen and seen what we mean.

Being on “the welfare of my dreams” meant I was unemployed, and not able to perform. Music is not only a job, it’s a huge outlet of my creative and social energy. After several months of no shows I started to feel a very familiar kind of pent-up ardor. But “I’m never lonely; that beautiful undead is at my doorstep.” We all must die sometime and leave a memory behind. There’s something strangely uniting to me about that, like we’re all of us bound together in a huge way. — Grace Rowland

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