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Song Premiere: Craig Marshall “Turn Around”

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Craig Marshall — “Turn Around”

Craig Marshall

A blurry image of someone pushing through the exit door of a South Austin honky tonk serves as a guide for Craig Marshall’s new single “Turn Around.”

“It was late somewhere, it was closing time,” Marshall sings as Grahame O’Shea plays a subtle train beat for anticipation. “I was only trying to escape my mind.”

The narrator sits in the final hour as the night comes to an end and notices someone, but can’t reach them. There is a premonition that they should connect as Roger Sollenberger adds a call and response on lead guitar.

The plea for the unknown to “Turn Around” has a sense of urgency and excitement on the track as beautiful harmonies from Jeremy Fowler and driving bass from Brad Fordham strengthen the chorus. Patterson Barrett plays the pedal steel guitar in all the right moments for the listener to escape into the dream.

“Can you just turn around and look back before your split,” Marshall said with a laugh. “That was the theme of the song.”

Marshall worked with David Garcia to create a concept for the artwork, an out of focus image that creates space for the listener to imagine their own setting.

“Turn Around” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Lars Göransson at Sounds Outrageous Studio in Austin, Texas.

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