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Show Review: Sarah Borges w/Eric Ambel at Pearl Street

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Sarah Borges w/Eric Ambel at Pearl Street Warehouse June 28

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all photos by Michael Aarons. 

Pearl Street Warehouse in DC is lovely and in June you can stroll up and down the pier in the neighborhood in summer clothes and you have choices between Pearl Street, the larger Anthem, and the underground Union Stage, lots of food options and stores to browse in.  The night of this show was really lovely and the water in the harbor was smooth as glass with summer boats all docked in rows. 

The atmosphere was lighthearted and the band attracted a solid crowd on a Tuesday night. Borges has a new album produced with co-writes by Ambel, Together Alone (our review here: REVIEW: Sarah Borges “Together Alone”).

Her song selection included a couple from her new release, the title track “Together Alone,” and the haunting “Wastin’ My Time,” “Wouldn’t Know You” and “She’s a Trucker,”  and some from earlier albums, Love’s Middle Name‘s “Lucky Rocks,” “Are You Still Takin’ Them Pills” and then “Daniel Lee” from Silver City, plus “Tendency to Riot” from her 2016 EP as well.  “Lucky Rocks,” she said was an ode to the magic charms that had attracted her current boyfriend, to chuckles from the audience. 

Eric Ambel, decked out in a white hat and white Swope guitar, has had another one of his signature “why didn’t anyone think of this before” ideas, and has created a groovy, honky tonk version of the Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women,” which was really rockin’.  The band performed another of his songs, “12 Step Program to Quit You Babe,” and the instrumental “Power Lounger Theme,” from his new cd You Asked For It — The Shut – In Singles Collection. (Our review here: REVIEW: Eric Ambel “You Asked For It – The Shut-In Singles Collection”)

Borges and Ambel performed two vocal duets — one of Ambel’s (“Loose Talk”) and one of Borges’ (“Get as Gone Could Get”), showcasing their interlocked and polished ability to sing rapid fire together.  

Both of them have an easy, truly funny rapport with the audience. The atmosphere was casual and the tunes were rockin’ hard.

Eric Ambel’s melodic guitar leads held everyone’s attention through the night.  Borges’ unique vocal tones kept that attention, and the rhythm section (Keith Voegele from the Bottle Rockets and drummer Kenny Soule, brought the vibes.) The whole experience was lighthearted and flowing fun.

Closing the night with NRBQ’s “It Comes To Me Naturally” was the perfect send-off energy. 


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Local DC band the Highballers opened with a blast of excitement that literally warmed up the crowd. They play quite a bit around the area, find their schedule here:

It still feels like Covid is lurking, and some folks wore masks — reminders of how amazing it is to be out having fun again. Smiles were abundant.

Check out our interview of Eric Ambel here: Key to the Highway: Eric Ambel and our interview of Sarah Borges here: Interview: Sarah Borges on Album “Love’s Middle Name,” Emotional Vulnerability Wrapped in a Rock ‘n Roll Package

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Set List:

House on a Hill
She’s a Trucker
Wouldn’t know you
Daniel Lee
12 step program to quit you babe
Loose Talk
13th Floor
Me and your ghost
Are you still takin them pills
Power Lounger Theme
Honky Tonk Women
Get as gone can get
Wasting my time
Tendency to riot
Lucky Rocks
Lucky Day
Together Alone
It comes to me naturally

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