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Song Premiere: Triggers & Slips “I Didn’t Mean To”

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Triggers & Slips — “I Didn’t Mean To”

Triggers & Slips

photo by Natalie Haws

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Triggers & Slips’ song “I Didn’t Mean To,” due to be released on July 1, a song from their forthcoming release What Do You Feed Your Darkness?, slated for release September 9.  What Do You Feed Your Darkness? was produced by Triggers & Slips and Mike Sasich; recorded and mixed by Mike Sasich; and mastered by James Anderson at The Bit Farm with album artwork by Tyler Hackett.

“I Didn’t Mean To” is Morgan Snow on lead vocals, acoustic guitars (6 string, nylon, and 12 string),  and harmonica; Greg Midgley on upright piano, organ, and background vocals; Eric Stoye on drums and percussion; Nathan Simpson on electric and upright bass; Page McGinnis and John Davis on electric guitars.  Triggers & Slips captures a tipsy series of unfortunate incidents in this reactionary remorseful tune with their catchy honky tonk style. Their optimistic style carries the day against the most tense lyrical odds.

I am sure no one will be surprised to find out that I wrote this song off the cuff after a really interesting 4th of July. I hit record on my phone and pretty much wrote this in one try about one fateful Independence Day in Park City, Utah. I will protect the name of the person who this song is really about, and let’s be honest, it is about most of us who are musicians that dabble in psychedelics. I did have to explain to my mom that just because I use the word “I” in a song doesn’t mean it is autobiographical. It is not meant to be deep or all that insightful, but just a funny song in the style of the cautionary tale of what can happen if one is not careful of the kind of drugs ingested before a gig. This song was also recorded mostly with one take to tape with only a few over-dubs, the solo section, especially Page McGinnis’ guitar solo in this one hits. — Morgan Snow



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