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Song Premiere: Lauren Monroe “Sparrow”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Lauren Monroe’s song “Sparrow,” from her forthcoming album Messages From Aphrodite, due to be available this fall.  The album was produced by Lauren Monroe and Jim Scott, and the “Sparrow” video will be released in July.

“Sparrow” is Lauren Monroe on lead vocals and djembe; Dylan Rose on acoustic guitar; Sebastian Steinberg on cello and upright bass; Brian Whelan on piano and Hammond Organ; and Jim Scott on little drum.

Lauren Monroe has one of those raw, human voices — both her vocal tone and the voice of perspective expressed in her songwriting.  Her vocals blend with the beautiful ring of the guitar strings, as the song opens to the living process of grieving.

I was inspired to write the song “Sparrow” out of the deep empathy I have for so many people who have lost loved ones in tragedy. The song is a teaching song. Most of the songs I write are but this, in particular, teaches us how to grieve and be present with people who have crossed over. In my life experience, people who have died are still there in spirit form. We can experience their presence if we open our awareness. Our loved ones that have left can support us and guide us, but most people doubt their presence and doubt their abilities to connect with them. The lyrics in this song remind us that our loved ones live within our moments of openness and that the natural world around us can serve as doorways to experience them — Lauren Monroe

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