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REVIEW: Lydia Luce “Garden Songs”


Lydia Luce – Garden Songs – 5 Song EP

A delicate plea for the planet’s future. I can support that but in reality, I’ve lived long enough to know this inherent fear was prevalent in the early 1970s with the ozone layer being compromised. None of those predictions ever came true because if they did – lower Manhattan would be under water now.

However, I still welcome & enjoy the wonderfully performed extended play of Lydia Luce’s latest music. 5-sparkling tunes. Why? Because Lydia’s sincere, right-headed & people should think about these things while they share space on this earth. Lydia doesn’t shove it into anyone’s face – she’s produced a cohesive polite set imaginatively & kept to her subject with finesse.

The Garden Songs EP (Drops June 24-Independent) was produced by Lydia & Jordan Lehning & a few of the songs have been released singly.


Lydia, from East Nashville, has a beautiful video for her “Matter of Time,” & sings excellently – mindful of Alison Krauss. I can appreciate her appeal & concern. There’s no joking about such a subject though much is always explained with logic, science & history.

Lydia’s sincerity though — comes through genuine & her music is impactful. As far as reality – it is indeed “a matter of time,” before we all get closer to destiny’s exit. All the tunes on this short effort are worthy of a listen. Lydia’s voice is as warm as Mary Chapin Carpenter or Shawn Colvin & especially the bluegrassy feel of Ms. Krauss.

“Yellow Dawn,” is a delicate tune but it’s in that delicacy that her jazzy Madeline Peyroux tone shines. Lovely stuff. The added strings mindful of Billie Holiday’s (“The End of a Love Affair”) with Ray Ellis all work brilliantly.

Lydia Luce

“Vow,” is another borderline jazz ballad with nice sharp drums that sound like they’re filled with sand grains instead of lined with a snare. No matter, the strings are a nice touch in all of Lydia’s songs. Her vocals are warm, strong & expressive. I don’t agree with Lydia’s climate change theories but she’s a viable artist & a good songwriter & I respect her for producing something this beautiful about something she believes.


The more samba-oriented “Cosmic Flower,” continues to exhibit the fine vocalizing of Ms. Luce. The strings work well with Lydia’s radiant vocal, as always. It’s a good technique. There’s no doubt she can sing anyone’s songbook beside a piano. Tonality, inflection, intonation & phrasing — all on target.

I don’t agree entirely with Lydia on climate change – but I love her voice & music. She performs consistently & excellently.

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