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Song Premiere: Darlin’ Brando “Don’t Make Me Move (Again)”

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Darlin’ Brando — “Don’t Make Me Move (Again)”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Darlin’ Brando’s song “Don’t Make Me Move (Again),” the title from his upcoming album due to be released on July 22.

Don’t Make Me Move (Again) was produced by Malachi DeLorenzo, Dylan Rodrigue and Darlin’ Brando in Echo Park, Los Angeles; recorded, engineered by and mixed by Malachi DeLorenzo; and mastered by Scott Craggs of Old Colony Mastering.

“Don’t Make Me Move (Again)” is Darlin’ Brando on vocals; Malachi DeLorenzo on drums and vocals; Dylan Rodriguez on bass, electric guitar, and vocals; Tyler Cash on piano; and Jordan Bush on pedal steel.  Darlin’ Brando delivers his songs in a deliberate, nonchalant cadence and tone.  The nonchalance borders on the wry, but the songs are truly genuine, and the music employs pretty piano solos and electric guitars in just the right equal measures. 

I really DON’T ever want to move again. The process kills me. I’m so sick of the hundreds of trips to the U Haul store and the back of liquor stores for boxes and trying and failing to use a hand cart as expertly as a professional mover, etc etc.. …and yet, I’m sure I will move again at some point, because I’ve come to accept that I’m probably as nomadic in nature as the female character in the song. I think my wife would tell you the same about herself. So there you go.

The song draws on my experiences following women I was dating from one place to another, often reluctantly. There was always this sense from them that life would be better in the next place – new apartment, new city, new state. The setting in the song is a composite of Bloomington, IN, where I lived with my ex-wife for nine months until our divorce in 2015, and Nashville, TN, where I moved (on my own) after the divorce to settle down – or so I thought – clearly I moved again. The lake in the song is Monroe Lake in Indiana, which I frequented, often by myself. It’s beautiful, and had I stayed in Bloomington, I would have gotten a kayak and really made the most of it. Dino’s is a burger and beer joint in East Nashville, popular with locals “in the know” and one of my favorite spots in the city.

For the tone of the song, I went for naive optimism in the verses and dread in the choruses. I hoped this would reflect some of the humor I find in the whole situation. — Darlin’ Brando

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