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Video Premiere: Courtney Hale-Revia “One Way Out”

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Courtney Hale-Revia — “One Way Out”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Courtney Hale-Revia’s song “One Way Out,” a track on her new album, Growing Pains, coming out on June 3.

Musicians on “One Way Out,” are Courtney Hale-Revia on vocals; Cody Eldridge on lead guitar;  Zach Edd on bass; Southpaw Smitty on mandolin; and Chris Webb on drums. There’s quite a story here. Sometimes the best way out is to honor your roots and grow right where you are.  That’s what this song is all about.  Listen and find yourself gently lulled to the heart of belonging by the sweet strings and Hale-Revia’s sweet song. Even with acceptance, there’s a bit of nostalgia in never leaving the town where one was raised. But, Hale-Revia reminds us: “It’s best to bloom where you’re found.”

This song is an autobiography of sorts on how one small town girl who swore she was leaving as soon as she could, came to stay, raise a family and then pursue her life’s passion through what she now calls 7 Oaks Event Garden. A Southeast Texas listening room inspired by her love of music, the art of listening and her father, singer songwriter, James T. Hale. 7 Oaks gathers the community in a little town called LaBelle on a homestead that was established by her husband’s great grandfather back in 1932. for more information.

“‘One Way Out” was intentionally recorded in Beaumont, Texas with Ryan Johnson at Four Eyes Studio. All players on this song and majority of the album due out June 3, 2022 are local to Southeast Texas. I wanted the song and video to showcase the talent Beaumont, Texas, has both in musicianship and production. We kept the video simple and nostalgic. It’s in memory of my late father, James T. Hale, who passed in July, 2021, of COVID and taught my siblings and me the art of entertainment at a very young age. There isn’t a moment in time that I had with my father that music wasn’t a part of it. The lyrics page used in the video is my father’s song, “Bloom Where You Are.” I had heard my father sing this song before but It wasn’t until two weeks after his passing that I realized while looking through his music for a song to cover at the Old Quarter in Galveston, Texas, that I realized it was his song. It was written in 1989 and it has unintentionally become the spirit of my album, Growing Pains, and more so the song, “One Way Out;” proof that we are receiving messages to guide us long before we can even truly hear or understand them. I recorded his song live in the venue, which he did see finished just three months before his passing. I am one of five children. But the only one who writes and sings. I always promised his legacy of music would be carried by me. It is heavy at times, but what an honor! — Courtney Hale-Revia

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