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REVIEW: Clancy Jones “Found My Way”


Clancy Jones: Found My Way

Southeast Texas born-Oklahoma ranch hand and former oil and gas boilermaker Clancy Jones makes a helluva splash with his first collection of songs, Found My Way, which will be released May 13.

It’s said he shares DNA with the King of the Hillbilly Piano Player, Moon Mullican, a third cousin, so talent might be in his blood, but Jones’s sound is all his own—Hot and tasty, and as sultry as a hot summer’s night breeze off the Texas Coast.

Opening track “Blacktop Bound,”grabs you right away with its beat made for driving—full of thrumming bass lines and loud, jangly guitars—and vocals that harken back to old school rockers like The Boss. Yes, I said it.

And lyrics that are just, well, goddamn fun.

“I’ve been lost and I’ve been found, tied to this open road, I’m blacktop bound.”

You’re going to want to get out on the open road and turn it up.

“Circles” the second single, which will be released April 22, is a haunting, genre-busting dirge, with undertones of Alice Cooper, both in melody and lyrics, with lines like, “I make my own fucking rules.”

If there’s an outlaw Americana, Clancy Jones is it. Kinda of like the twist of lime in Southern Rock—making it not quite country and not quite rock—Jones blends Americana, blues,
Folk, and rock to create his own unique sound.

One part whiskey, one part bar brawl, one part dance hall, and one part all-nite grind, Jones offers it all up.

Title track, “Found My Way,” is another tasty one, with a spooky, thrumming, bass-heavy beat and lyrics that talk of sweat and hard work.

If Alice Cooper, Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen had a baby, he might sound like Clancy Jones.

“Mexican Gold,” is just that, a golden bluesy honky tonk number about misadventures south of the border.

“I Need You,” is a slow, grind, bluesy love-making number that might just be my new favorite song. Now, I just need someone to enjoy it with.

“Need To Be High,” is self-explanatory, and a swinging country dive bar song. Grab yer longneck and sing along.

“Will & Testament,” is perhaps the perfect, laid back, smoking song.

“Cuz I’m slow rolling,
rolling my way back home,
old Oklahoma,
your spirit lies deep in my bones,”

What a fantastic collection of songs. The only problem with these seven songs is just that—there’s only seven of them! Every single one leaves you wanting more.

Found My Way was produced by Grant Jackson Wilborn, (Red Shahan, Ryan Bingham) at 7013 Sound in Fort Worth (further confirming that some hot sounds are coming out of this city), with Elijah Ford (Gary Clark Jr. and Marc Ford) on electric guitar, bass, organ, keys, and background vocals, Clint Kirby (Bonnie Bishop) on drums, and Clancy Jones on vocals and acoustic guitar.

Jones is playing a few dates in Texas and Oklahoma this month and next. Get your tickets now. You are going to want to see him. You can bet it’s going to be a smoking good time.

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