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REVIEW: Andrew Leahey & The Homestead “American Static Vol. 2”


Andrew Leahey & The Homestead – American Static Vol. 2


There’s some good news on this latest Andrew Leahey & The Homestead CD. The opening immediately cooks with “Caught Like a Fire.” It rocks with tantalizing guitar grooves, solid melody & performance by Andrew Leahey (electric/acoustic guitars/piano/keys). It has authority & while it’s tied together with a dash of roots-rock the material is mostly carved from a rock-pop heritage.

“Stay Awake,” comes toward the end & is also well sung & showcased. It’s where this band needs to be. It’s the comfort zone. “If you want to live the American Dream, you gotta stay awake.” A credible, exciting rock n’ roll lyric. Leahey should build his entire career on that creed. Acoustic guitars decorate the tune with an almost late-career Hall & Oates atmosphere.

The 9-cut CD Americana Static Vol. 2 (Drops May 6–Mule Kick) in some areas is a more cohesive collection produced with an air of the better 80s hair bands. “Hot House,” is a typical mainstream rocker. On the jaunty “Sign of the Times,” there’s momentum with nice interludes.

“Carry a Weight” has strong vocals, but don’t expect Jim Morrison (The Doors) or Mike Smith (Dave Clark 5). Andrew does deliver his words with a renewed flow, bluesy guitar, steady piano & drums. Well done.

Andrew Leahey

B&W Photo by Chad Cochran.

“Dial Tone” doesn’t fit the flow of the other songs. Not in this decade. “Until There’s Nothing But Air,” has jangly guitars & a George Harrison moment but the song could’ve benefitted from more focused vocal intonations. None of American Static Vol. 2 is heartland music. It’s edgy power-pop. Closer to Bon Jovi than The Band.

For Leahey to achieve a more heartland level the musical compass needs a reset. Maybe that isn’t the goal. The songs have the potential to be heartland music since the songs are good. They’re more jambalaya than just chicken, wild rice & beans.

The band: Dan Holmes (drums), Jay Dmuchowski (electric-acoustic guitar), Jon Estes (producer/bass/electric-acoustic guitars/slide guitar/keys/organ). B&W Photo by Chad Cochran.

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