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Song Premiere: Nathan Kalish “My Love”

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Nathan Kalish

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Nathan Kalish’s song “My Love” from his album Great Big Motel Bed in the Sky due out July 22.

Great Big Motel Bed in the Sky was produced by Nathan Kalish, engineered by Preston Cochran and Scottie Prudhoe at Tracehorse Studio in Nashville TN with additional engineering, mixing, and all songwriting by Nathan Kalish. It was mastered by Blue Jade Audio

“My Love” Danny Pratt on drums; Brandon Cantwell on bass; Zach Vinson on piano; Adam Kurtz on pedal steel; Luella Mathes on backing vocals. Nathan Kalish plays everything else.  When you listen to his music, you will feel like you are out driving on the road with the scenery flashing as it passes, all by while you come to conclusions in your mind.  There’s a pop element with synths, to balance the southern rock country music, and it makes for a many layered experience.

It’s kind of a modern take on the disco outlaw country of the 70s, along with some modern sonic influences. Add some lyrical desire to return to a slower pace and you have the audio candy bar “My Love.” — Nathan Kalish

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