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Song Premiere: David Rosales “Spoonful”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of David Rosales’ song, “Spoonful,” in honor of Earth Day.  The song “Spoonful” will appear on the forthcoming 12-track  LP, REVIVE (out July 22).  REVIVE was produced by Mike Willson & David Rosales.

“Spoonful” is David Rosales on vocals and guitar; Tony Dean on bass; Marko Sanchez on drums; Lauren Breen on backing vocals; Tom Bremer on lead guitar and backing vocals; Prichard Pierce on trumpet and trombone; Jeremy Long on piano and organ; Mike Willson on percussion and backing Vocals; and Cole Blackamore on backing vocals.

The song chronicles the journey of hope for more from life, until after some darkness it finally happens: a spoonful of love.  Such a lovely metaphor for life, among the more direct messages about recycling and Earth Day.  It’s all about love.

Some songs write themselves, while others take a bit of time or never even reach the finish line altogether. “Spoonful” is of the latter. As a solo songwriter you live in your own head most of the time and sometimes you just need a little nudge to find your way. I’m thankful to my friend, Matt Costa, for encouraging and inspiring me to see ‘Spoonful’ through.

A few years back, I was hanging out with Matt at his hillside place in Laguna Beach. We were listening to music and I showed him some unfinished songs I had been working on. I started strumming through the structure of what would become “Spoonful.” I sang him the verse & chorus melodies with the broken lyrics I had. Matt settled in at his piano and we began to jam on it for a good while, throwing ideas back and forth. It was a sunny afternoon filled with creativity, laughter and a case of beer. I left feeling energized on the tune and finished it shortly thereafter. I’m glad I did, because it’s one of my favorites to play live! — David Rosales

Here is the pre-save link: https://davidrosales.lnk.to/Spoonful

Enjoy the song:


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