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Smallsongs is a YouTube series brought to you by Americana Highways featuring small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities.

After about a year of living on the road with a newborn baby and shooting smallsongs around the country, we’ve made it back to Denver to settle down a bit. Baby Elliott has a lot more room to roam and to let out his energy. Now that artists are back to touring, we get to briefly meet them before they go to the next town. During the heart of the pandemic musicians were stuck at home, so we were driving around to film them in their hometowns. The roles got reversed.

Golden, Colorado is a nice midway point somewhere between Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins & all the Colorado mountain towns. So it’s a place where you might run in to a touring musician who has multiple Colorado shows in the same week. It’s also the home of Coors Brewing Company and where my wife Andy & I got married.

I was lucky enough to find Esther Rose and her new New Mexico based band members at an Airbnb just outside Golden, CO. Esther & I have various mutual music friends from New Orleans so it felt natural and the energy was right for a timeless music video shoot.

Esther told me that she feels less precious with how she shares her new songs, so I am very honeyed to be able to digitally debut some brand new music from the amazing Esther Rose. Up first is a video featuring “Insecure” & “Don’t Blame It on the Moon” at:


Next up is special tune called “Safe to Run” from an album that won’t arrive for another year. She’s been playing it live on tour with artists like Fruit Bats & The Lil Smokies. Now it’s here on the internet for the world to see at:


Referring to “Safe to Run” Esther wrote “I know it’s the music business but it’s also my business. So here’s another new one. I wrote this in Oct 2020 when the west was on fire and we still hadn’t left our houses. I’ve been playing this song on tour and some of you have asked me where to listen to it, so here it is <3”

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