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‘smallsongs’ is a Youtube series brought to you by Americana Highways featuring small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities.

A few years back when my wife Andy was still my girlfriend she recommended to me a couple tunes from an artist called Tip Toes. I was instantly obsessed. Later on I realized that Tip Toes is the work of the creative genius Samuel Nobles. He’s a Philadelphia based multi-talented musician originally from Delaware. He does work as a composer and a producer, and he’s also known from the bands Mean Lady and Bruce & Sam.

When the pandemic first came around he sent in a video as Tip Toes playing “Fading” for ‘smallsongs from home’ which you can check out right here.


We then took our bus across the country and found ourselves in Philadelphia where Sam lives. He kindly invited me in to his home and played some tunes off his solo acoustic album “Murmur.”



During our short time in Philadelphia, I walked the historic streets playing “Murmur” in my headphones.



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