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Song Premiere: Wes Collins “Jenny and James”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Wes Collins’ song “Jenny and James” from his forthcoming album Jabberwockies, due to be released on June 3rd.

“Jenny and James” is Wes Collins on 12-string guitar and vocals; River Guerguerian on drums; FJ Ventre on bass; Chris Rosser on harmonium; Pete Damore on octave mandolin; and Crystal Hariu-Damore on harmony vocals.

This song launches with bright sunny strings tones, and brings you back down, so the song has a feel of a hilly bike ride in the sun. Then comes the lovely accompaniment of Ordinary Elephant and you’ll be over the moon.  Try this unique song about name changes and impossibly unrequited love, and a lifelong connection. And note, “he knew how to harmonize.”

Pete and Crystal (of Ordinary Elephant) and I started this song together while they were staying at my house. We roughed out a melody and agreed that the song would be called (and about) Jenny and James. Then Pete and Crystal went on their way, and we each finished our own versions of the song. Two different Jennys and two different Jameses, in fraternal twin songs. Their Jenny and James were meant for each other and stayed together against long odds. My Jenny and James happened to work together and never had a shot. — Wes Collins 

You can discover more about Collins’ music and tour dates here: http://www.wescollins.com


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