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Sirens of the Southeast — Saturday, February 26th, 2022 at The Pourhouse, Raleigh, NC

Caitlin Krisko and The Broadcast

Abby Bryant and The Echoes


Hailing from North Carolina, Caitlin Krisko and Abby Bryant synced up for their Sirens of the Southeast tour to bring fans their electric merge of sass and grace.  It’s no secret that Caitlin and Abby are powerful vocalists individually but when you bring them into a room together, you get a double dose of that palpable energy.  

It was close to show time on Saturday and fans poured in to The Pourhouse.  Caitlin, hailing from Asheville,NC,  kicked off the show with her band.  They set the tone for the night with “Blue Heron”, a smoothe, soulful jam.  Then swayed into “Fighting the Feeling” from their 2020 album Lost My Sight.  

Song’s like “Led Blood” and “Fuel the Fire” bring you into Caitlin’s performance energy and leave you somewhere between tapping along and breaking out into a dance.  Her hair flipping and raised fists, as she uses the stage as a canon of shared empowerment.  That’s what the night is about.  And nobody is fighting that feeling.

Caitlin brings Abby up on stage for a duet and you can sense the deep friendship between the two.  There’s a mutual respect between them as female artists, and when you witness that atmosphere flourish you can grasp why it really is a woman’s world after all.  They make it look effortless and you want to be a part of the tribe.  

The venue dark but for the lights shining on the stage as bright as their smiles.  Caitlin’s soulful rock tunes reverberating across the room.  She finishes her set with “Battle Cry” and the fans exchange their own guttural sounds out of gratitude for this night of renegade female rock.

I say it’s time to rise up  / I wanna hear your battle cry / I wanna hear your battle cry.

After a short intermission, Abby Bryant takes the stage with her band and eases us into the evening with songs like “When I’m Gone” and “Tired”.  Abby shares the sweet, soulful tunes from her debut album “Not Your Little Girl”, which was recently named Album of the Month for Women’s History Month by WSGE 91.7 radio.

Abby Bryant and guitarist Bailey Faulkner have been playing music together since they were kids growing up in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina.  They’re debut LP is vintage-inspired, southern rock inspired by the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Margo Price.

“Keep Moving” gives fans a little insight into Bryant’s resolve to power forward with her own sense of self and identity as she finds her way in the music world.  

And if you feel like you’re dying / I got just what you need … / You just gotta follow your own lead

Abby gives us a peak into her innocence, and loves adversity, with “Love Crushed Blues” a reminder of the experience of love, and love lost, along the way.  

When I was just a little girl I dreamed big dreams for myself / Thought I’d find a man who really loved me and gave his lovin’ to no one else / The reality hit me and opened up my eyes / I should have seen this coming / It aint no surprise

Her southern, soft rock is a relatable example of grace and resilience along the journey of finding ourselves and making our own way in the world.  Abby brings Caitlin back up on stage for their last song together of the Sirens of the Southeast tour.  There are lots of smiles and hugs shared to wrap up this beautiful collaboration of soulful sisters.  I think it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time these ladies share a stage.

Two southern-rock sirens drawing us in. Their cliff, the stage.  Their voices, enchanting.  Luring us all in.  We want an encore ladies, and that’s the battle cry of the fans.   

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