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Song Premiere: Jason Lee McKinney “Cross Over”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jason Lee McKinney’s song “Cross Over,” from his upcoming release One Last Thing, due out March 18.  The album was produced by Jason Lee McKinney.

Core musicians on the album include Jason Lee on lead vocals; backing vocals; acoustic and electric guitars; Barry Strauser on piano; organ; keys; and backing vocals; Billy Wright on bass;  Sam Berce on electric and acoustic guitars; and Logan Todd on drums and percussion; with more musicians contributing as well.

Building the song from an initial foundation of solo acoustic guitar with one clean vocal tone, adding claps and power backing vocals then leading into a full musical array emphasizes this song’s buildup to glory.   Jason Lee McKinney Band creates moving gospel folk fusion.

I have always found the lyrics of slave spirituals fascinating. Many of them had double meanings. I have immense respect for these songs and am inspired by them. They were praise songs to God for sure but also have the double entendre themes of the steadfast endurance and the assured hope of emancipation whether in this life or the next. Some slave spirituals even had instructions for how to travel the underground railroad. They are the work of genius in the face of some of the worst circumstances in history. Slave spirituals found a kinship in the story of the Israelites escaping Egypt for obvious reasons. The Jordan river came to symbolize borders and borders must be crossed to leave the hurt and pain of this world behind and get to freedom. — Jason Lee McKinney

Order the music here: https://sc.lnk.to/MBolt-lp

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