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Video Premiere: Valerie Smith “On That Train”

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Valerie Smith — “On That Train”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Valerie Smith’s interpretation of the song “On That Train,” from her recently released album Renaissance.  Renaissance was produced by Valerie Smith and Tim Carter; engineered by Tim Carter and mastered by Dave Harris.

“On That Train” was written by Jude Johnstone. This version is Smith on vocals; Tim Lorsch on strings;   Kevin McKendree (Dancing with the Stars) on synth strings; Bob Miner on guitar; Stephen Burwell on fiddle; Dave Roe on bass; and Tanya Dennis on harmony vocals.

Videography here is courtesy of Joe Zauner with video editing by Valerie on location in Somerset, VA. You can hear the sincerity in Smith’s vocal tones, rendering it a perfect expression of this song of longing.  The darkened room of the video setting creates the accompanying moodiness of reflection.

The video is pure and simple, filmed in a single room only lit by candles. ‘On That Train’ is a glimpse into the sense of lost opportunity and dreams, not really a story about train. As a bluegrass artist, I was drawn to the lyrics because bluegrass is full of train songs, yet this one presents a unique perspective. – Valerie Smith

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